Initiated within the University of Washington’s DXARTS department, SPAM is a Seattle based experimental arts festival which brings together practitioners working on the fringes and frontiers of new media art and knowledge production. Taking place at various venues across Seattle, the yearly festival consists of a program of exhibitions, performances, workshops and discussions rooted in, or emerging from, technology driven art and digital culture. This includes, but is not limited to, the projects of artists and researchers working within the fields of AI, robotics, sound, experimental video, VR, wearable technology, photogrammetry and radio.

We want to be a bug in the system, resisting the dominance of capital driven media culture through multiplicity and difference, through embodiment and critical practice. SPAM is also about regrowth in the wake of ruin, reconstitution and persistence through hard times. We are interested in ideas of collectivity, possibility, commonality and queerness. As a collaboration of artists looking to address these ways of being, we hope to leave breadcrumbs, to create pathways of interconnectivity, and make traces for our future selves.



Please get in touch at spamnewmediafestival@gmail.com with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!